Services that creates the best solution for self-sampling and analysis

Our unique self-sampling solution combines three services – one IT plattform as a mobile application and back end software with an intuitive interface, an efficient logistics solution with improved security, as well as a local network consisting of partners across the world, for example laboratories for analysis and partners for packaging and distribution of sampling kits.

The result is a complete solution which enables secure and cost-effective self-sampling and analysis services to more people, in more countries, regardless of the market you operate in today. Inalize logistic, communication and networking solution opens the door to new markets with minimal effort – benefiting healthcare providers, laboratories, corporate health, partners and patients.

One solution with multiple functions

IT, packing and distribution, analysis, logistics, warehouse, material purchase

IT platform (app and back end)

Providing user-friendly communication

Patient secure communication

Unique QR codes, identification and login with national digital signature

Real-time communication between patient, lab and healthcare provider

Offloads primary care through fewer physical visits, minimizing the risk of infection

Self-sampling at home for increased convenience

Digital test result with reduced postage expenses

Enables increased volumes for healthcare providers

Enables cost-effective screening programs 

Reduces healthcare work processes

Simplifies the process to increase volumes or reach new markets

Information security ISO 27001

Environment and quality 9001, 14001, FSC, Svanen

Your partner for safe sampling

With Inalize’s complete self-sampling infrastructure, we help you with a customized solution based on your needs. We not only provide a leading IT platform and an efficient logistics solution, but also provide you with a global network of the right partners in distribution, materials and analysis. This way, you can easily achieve desired volumes and efficiently manage analyses – all according to your needs.