Guaranteed patient security

Data security and privacy protection.

Privacy protection and protection of sensitive data is one of Inalize’s core values and, of course, a legal requirement. In this matter, our customers and users will be able to feel completely safe. Inalize has chosen a cloud solution in order to offer both public and private customers the absolute best and most secure storage of our customer data. A solution that is scalable, flexible and secure at a Swedish data center and which meets the highest equivalent security classification in accordance with Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB).


Identification at login

Inalize uses national digital signature for customer login for quick and secure identification.



The IT platform uses a high level of encryption to ensure that users’ data is inaccessible to outsiders.


Deletion of personal data

After completion of the sampling and presentation of the results, all personal data (name, personal identity number, address, telephone number and email address) is deleted.

Your partner for safe sampling

With Inalize’s complete self-sampling infrastructure, we help you with a customized solution based on your needs. We not only provide a leading IT platform and an efficient logistics solution, but also provide you with a global network of the right partners in distribution, materials and analysis. This way, you can easily achieve desired volumes and efficiently manage analyses – all according to your needs.