Real-time user-friendly experience

Inalize’s digitalization of self-sampling enables unmatched patient security and cost-effectiveness throughout the value chain.

A very important aspect of our revolutionary IT platform and mobile application is that we have made self-sampling more accessible to people. This can save many lives, and at the same time help the healthcare system save enormous resources by providing the right care at the right time, while reducing late and considerably more expensive treatments.

Download the app & log in

Once the user has received their test kit, they download the app and log in using national digital identification

Scan QR code

After identification, it is time to match the sampling kit to the person by scanning the QR code on the test tube.

Find your nearest mailbox

The user is notified directly in the app of where the nearest mailbox is located. Then all you have to do is place the letter in the box.

Delivery status

When the user has confirmed that the package has been put in the mailbox, the status of others is set to “En route”. When the letter arrives at the laboratory, the status changes to “Delivered”. The user receives a push notification on their phone.


Once the laboratory has received the letter, the sampling is analyzed. The user receives a push notification that the status has been changed to “Analyzing”.

Test result

Once the sample has been analyzed, the user receives a push notification with their test result. In the event of a positive result, the user has the opportunity to be contacted by a healthcare provider.


Status: New
When the self-testing kit is sent to the user, the assignment gets the status “New”

Status: Under delivery
When the user has put her self-sample in the mailbox, the status is updated to “Under delivery” in the software.

Status: Arrived
As the self-sample arrives to the laboratory, the status is changed to “Arrived”.

Status: Analyzing The laboratory registers the self-sampling test for analysis, and the status changes in the software to “Analyzing”. Status: Complete When the test has been analyzed, it gets registered as “Complete”, and the test answer pops up in the software.

Your partner for safe sampling

With Inalize’s complete self-sampling infrastructure, we help you with a customized solution based on your needs. We not only provide a leading IT platform and an efficient logistics solution, but also provide you with a global network of the right partners in distribution, materials and analysis. This way, you can easily achieve desired volumes and efficiently manage analyses – all according to your needs.